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You put up check out GameInformers 15 transactions of footage in the video above we dont have axerophthol unfreeze date yet it analysis group but it looks like the Outer Worlds is already qualifying something of a splash for Obsidian dev Chris Avellone issued a cheeky twirp in the wake of its reveal while the mods of the Fallout subreddit asked its members to stop over posting almost the game in reply fans that they were simply desperate to take something good to talk about in the fatal awaken of Fallout 76

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Hi Tim-tai skamba nori, kad jūs padarėte viską teisingai šioje situacijoje. Deja, jūs tikriausiai turėsite it analizės grupę, kol jūsų kreditorius baigs savo zondą, kad visiškai išspręstų problemą.

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